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Branding & Marketing Consulting

Let's face it. Your branding and messaging are everything - they determine whether you will attract new business, be seen as a thought leader, and how people perceive you. Whether it's your personal or professional brand, conveying it the right way is imperative to your business’s success. Are you ready to hone in on your brand message?


Branding and Marketing Consulting

No matter if you have a team of marketers or you are a solopreneur, a marketing consultant can help you reach your highest business goals. By bringing in an outsider, you are able to take a step back and see your business through a brand new lens. Through intense research and strategy sessions, I work with my clients to deeply understand their target market in a way they never have.

Once we understand the target audience and what makes them tick, we can build a strategic marketing plan that increases sales and ultimately allows you to achieve your business goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing. A marketing consultant works with you to determine the right approach instead of throwing you into a templated plan.

“As a growing small business owner, I’m extremely fortunate to have Tiffany Lewis in my corner. She has helped me on numerous occasions with the multitude of challenges that face a budding business owner. Not only is Tiffany extremely knowledgeable in the world of business but she adds great value to her clientele and colleagues in regards to digital marketing. Tiffany is full of bright ideas and tactful steps that have helped me grow and scale my business.Above all, Tiffany puts her heart and soul in everything she does. She cares deeply for the people she serves and truly lives a meaningful life both personally and professionally. I’m very grateful to know Tiffany Lewis.”

Photo of Sydney Gardner-Lucas, Marketing
Sydney Gardner-Lucas, Marketing

Your brand becomes the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts. Simply put, people do business with people.

What makes you stand out?


How do people see you? How would your friends, partners, and coworkers describe you? Your brand has a personality just like you do. In fact, for some business owners, their personal brand is their professional brand. Regardless of your business’s size, it is important to have a strong brand message.

Contact me for a free brand message assessment. I will assess your current marketing materials, provide information on how your target audience views you, and share tactics on moving the needle to achieve your business goals via branding. 

Branding needs a defined voice, a cohesive strategy, a mission, and values. Messaging needs personality, consistency, and a reason for your audience to come back for more. Branding services offer clients a window into their prospective customer’s brains. 

Once we determine your current brand voice, we build out a plan to achieve your ideal brand voice. Sometimes this only requires simple content tweaks. Other times, it may require a full website overhaul. No matter your needs, I am here to ensure your marketing and everything you put into the digital world is meaningful.

Need help creating a cohesive plan so you can hit your targets more often and more meaningfully? Contact me today about my branding & marketing consulting services and how I can serve you best.