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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing helps you reach your audience in a way that meets them where they are. Unique to other marketing methods, email marketing allows you to segment your audience(s) into "like" industries, interests, or persona to make sure that your message personally resonates. 

Email Marketing Services

Using email marketing is still a highly effective way to reach, educate, and nurture your targeted leads. Creating engaging email content directly impacts how other people in the market see you, interact with you, and ultimately do business with you. In order to be successful, ask yourself:

  • Can my contacts be grouped by "like" interests? How can they be separated?

  • Do my email subscribers see me as a trusted resource?

  • Are my emails resonating with some audiences more than others?

  • What historical data do I have? How will I measure success?
  • How can I move forward and refine my efforts from what I've learned?

With my help and email marketing services, you can unlock the secret that gets your business where you want it to go. An impactful email can turn an opener into a customer. The right email can give someone that light bulb moment making them refer a friend to you.

When clients come to me with email marketing needs, we first determine three key items:

  • An understanding of your contact database

  • A plan

  • A goal 

These three items keep us grounded and focused so we can determine what message should be communicated, what the appropriate final output should be, the plan for distribution, and the bigger long-term strategy around it. 

“Working with More Meaningful Marketing has been a complete joy! I have never known such an incredible response time. Someone who values my business almost as much as I do. Tiffany does the due diligence that is expected and then goes a step further to the unexpected.

She comes to the table with ideas and research that you just have not even considered which allows you to feel secure in the work that is being done. SHE CARES. It is really that simple but as a small business owner is incredibly important.

She is respectful of your time and considers what you have already put into your business yet somehow comes back with something generous to add to it. She is a rockstar at keeping deadlines and is always available to be reached for any questions you may have or concerns.

I am grateful to have crossed paths with More Meaningful Marketing and have seen substantial growth in my business because of it.

Photo of Christina Grice, Accounting
Christina Grice, Accounting

Email marketing services helps build your reputation using a combination of strategy, meaningful messaging, and strong calls to action to help build trust with your audience in thoughtful ways.

Email Design Strategy 

Picking the right messaging and design for your email content can be a daunting task so it makes sense to bring in an expert. Think about your brand colors, font, and imagery and how they can tie in nicely to one cohesive communication. How do they communicate what you want your audience to know about your business.

My email strategy services kick off with a deep dive into your target audience and current contact database. I really get to know your business and what makes your prospects and customers tick. From there, we outline the dos and don'ts of marketing to these people. Different colors evoke different feelings and some fonts align better with certain industries. When building out an email strategy for your company, all of this comes into play more than you may realize. These are more than simply face-value decisions.

Your email design strategy spans far outside of just a message between you and your target audience. Your email strategy follows you across social media, to your website, your blog, and more. Because of this, it is imperative that we get it right together so you can have more meaningful conversations more often.

Email Content Repurposing

Some companies come to me with emails or drafts that they want help with. Email content repurposing allows us to jumpstart your marketing initiatives by simply tweaking what you already have.

Don’t create just to create. Be thoughtful, be intentional, be meaningful with your efforts

When clients work with me on their email marketing, design strategy, and repurposing efforts, we think big picture. Meaningful marketing is what resonates with people and turns your email readers into blog readers, and your followers into paying customers. 

Contact me for a free strategy session to discuss how your  email marketing can benefit from a cohesive strategy or improved design could help you reach your business goals.

I take the time to understand my clients long term and short term goals so we can ensure immediate success and intentionally build a path for long term growth. 

Are you ready to take the next step toward making your marketing more meaningful and attracting new customers to your business?

Need help strategizing around your design, creating marketing materials, or understanding content creation and repurposing?