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Meaningful Digital Marketing Sells



Learn how to apply personal and professional branding principles to your business in a way that is true to you and your business to get the guidance and results you’ve been craving.

Whether you’re a brick & mortar business, an online store, in a service-based industry, or a combination of a couple or all of the above, you’ve probably done some variation of digital marketing.

Usually, my prospects and clients tell me that marketing feels overwhelming, they tell me they are afraid to show up online as who they really are for fear of judgment, and they even tell me they aren’t sure what they should be doing. With so many competing priorities as a business owner and so many evolving trends, it’s certainly understandable.

In this course, I want to uncomplicate digital marketing by giving you the foundation for a thriving business that starts with you. Yes, you. I’m talking about personal branding.

The course is less than 25 minutes long. I know how busy entrepreneurs are, so I wanted to create a course that was quick, simple to understand, and actionable.



Personal & Professional Branding

Create a personal and professional brand that resonates with your ideal clients


Importance of Brand Colors

Learn the power of colors in branding and why you need to have a plan in place 


The 10 Golden Rules of Personal Branding

Learn the golden rules of personal branding so that you can connect with your ideal clients


Messaging & Communication

Explore the many ways you can convey your branding through your messaging


What a Brand is

We know the word brand, but what exactly does that mean and why should I care if I have one or not? 


The Digital Marketing Sweet Spot

Unlock the secret of the digital marketing sweet spot to create more meaningful marketing